Video: "My God" Freestyle - Joe Budden & Joell Ortiz (At The Beats By Dr. Dre Lounge) w/ Lyrics

Joe Budden & Joell Ortiz - "My God" Freestyle At The Beats By Dr. Dre Lounge. One half of Slaughterhouse freestyled over Pusha T’s “My God” track while at the Beats By Dre Compound.

Joe Budden & Joell Ortiz - My God Freestyle Lyrics

Push what I push!
Yeah! Check this! Check it! Check, check!
We gonna need more than the block,
We monopolize it!
Now the same rap, we prophesize it!
Quite simple…
The approach I might …since I never gave a fuck.
And nothing you can say that might offend me now,
When only …. the reason Shawty is in the…. is to correct me.
See, when you do a little better they begin to hate you,
So I get animals with me, it’s just in my nature,
You don’t want.. and I ain’t afraid to hate you,
Just to hear what’s coming from non-incinerators.
But when they show the hatred, when you know you made it,
Me, I’ve been to hell and back, the shit is overrated.
But any day could be our last, so…

You try East, drop on the…
Please stop, is only one Ortiz….
…and the street mafia, walk around with a …
But I’m really hoping you… machines pop,
Have me dressed in all black, new deeds….
One quarter .. and a team ….
Rob a bank, pop…. in the slim shut.
Ha, and ladies they’ve been looking,
And party in Manhattan, ‘till they wake up in Brooklyn,
Ah, I’m sure you heard that,
Cause usually is the sound you hear before the first act!
Made these rappers feel afraid when they look at me, is good as push a team!

Off record it’s a whole another jungle, it’s a whole drama,
It’s a whole mother fucking monster, trying to get you to the…
Like bullshit put there ..through the traffic…
So I prefer the hate, if ... gonna love me when I make ‘em run!
Look, niggers is so hot low,
…you’re so big on the…
..who the fuck I’m supposed to follow?…
I’m here to set the ballistics, no to…



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