Jean Grae - IRocOn Lyrics

Only dope is fire up is blokes that I rival
Even though they mostly hate the quotes they know they inspire

IRocOn Lyrics is performing by Jean Grae

Took a little time but brought
It back for the real heads
Feels real good to be up
Back in the building
The lack of the spectacular
Was crushing your soul yeah
Miraculous the lack of risk
Amongst all the foes here
The awesomest of misses
New submission to history, reminiscing on
The generations pissing in dixie, cups
I carry with me, all the souls, so the kids be
Atta girl go getters, incredible "know the ledges" broads
I'm a legend, call John, nigga ask him
And every motherfucker's taking bronze rapping
With Jeannie on a track its really leaning to harrassment
I am wrong class, NO
Im an original iconoclast, monotone
Monochrome clothes, with her mamas ass
Sly Stone, Everyday People
Colon comma dash
Thats a profile of me as an emoticon
I know it's clever baby, because I wrote the song

( know you'll get that last one...
In the hopes you don't... doubt it...
But.. lol... . :,- the side profile view of me.)

Every day im unmistakably high-er
You would think I had some coke or mary jane
On my rider, nope
Only dope is fire up is blokes that I rival
Even though they mostly hate the quotes they know they inspire
I'm too dope to retire
I'm too broke to be tired
I'm supposed to be flyer , not remotely weak either
Climbing over these liars laying lower each lineup
Rhyming over reason find her praying rosary kind of, like
Miners, Chilé
Divine bust, really
The rhymes blessed, dressed as the madonna
With frilly, ruffled black lace gloves
And tucking a macmilly, in her clutch bag actually
Whats so bad? Blasphemy?
Kill me then, silly
I'll sell more records, and
Still be getting busy
The afterlife beckons with the cash I reckon
Maul like wrecking balls, y'all better recognize
Bad when you see it y'all

You dont really wanna say, fuck Jean, right?
Cause I'm the motherfucking (A) A+ dean type
To make a ruckus then blame it on all the
(B) B's (C) seize, (D) deez nuts, bitches, these stunts
(E) Ease back man
(F) Eff y'all I'm a G
(H)hate I, J, (K) 'kay, take the L with
(M)'em, fake N-O way
Pass the (P) peas like they used to say
I'm Q in juice, you (R)are (S)escargot
Snails pace, you gon fail the race
I (T)tee off
(U)You stay sub par
You got your V out, at the W bar
(X) Xaviers school is where im laying my head
Talented, yes gifted, is the Grae with the pen
(Y) Why... say less I stay in the best
Listed top ten while you drift into (Z)zed
I'm Zen



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