Mixtape: Gucci Mane - Writing on the Wall 2

Gucci Mane was released from prison earlier today and to celebrate the freedom, here's his latest mixtape called 'Writing on the Wall' with DJ Holiday.

Kendrick Lamar - F*ck Your Ethnicity Lyrics

This the music that saved my life
Y’all be calling it hip-hop

Kendrick Lamar - A.D.H.D Lyrics

You know when you part of section 8
And you feeling like no one can relate

The Game - New Jack City Lyrics

Sit in jail for ten years, who fuckin' with us?

Kendrick Lamar - Poe Mans Dreams (His Vice) Lyrics (Ft. GLC)

When I don't even hear God?
Heaven or Hell, Base it all on my instincts

Los - Finally Here Lyrics

Got two bottles with four models at my table, add it up
I'm finally here

Bonus Track: ‘Never Window Shoppin’ by Lloyd

From the fourth album "King Of Heart" by Lloyd, this is the bonus track from that deluxe edition album called "Never Window Shoppin". Check for the sound after the jump, and support the artist.


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