Don Trip - Vent Lyrics

Vent Lyrics by Don Trip

I guess I got a vent

Ok do I get fade up kind of mama keep call it
Daily remind us, reminding me we bro
and I don’t have my dan so I ground till my time’s up still putting ..up
little nigga from the bottom tryin to climb up
slanging all night let the sun light find us ..picking out the window f*ck the blind off
.. the nigga.. what we .. post it with a .. have a
Hoping like f*ck ... mama watching at the door what she crumb for
She gotta watch the .. five nuts
If I’m slammed up the bills just .. and we still gonna struggle what’s my ..
‘cause I’m runnin out of shit the crack is smile for
Mum say I ain’t shit to be proud of
and then hurt to the court coming from the one that gave birth to the ..
pressure got me feeling like I’m first in a war
It’s been years since I spoke to the Lord
And all I do is dope and record, ..get rich no hope for the poor
we’re on the table coke in the .. like you don’t sope anymore
living what I’m writing is strange but somehow I can’t relate the Mike Tyson
Never stop fighting meanwhile my whole bro waiting on the diamonds
‘cause it got call my hand .. no things for the ..
I’m going ..feel so frightening I might light the night up
But ... nigga .. f*ck around ..
tryin to keep my folks at the mother f*cker .. I’m the soul provider
tryin to make something .. so I sale more medicine ..
My people getting jobs and getting fired
Now we’re shopping with .. and ..
All my b*tch do it all like .. my baby mum got me going ..
Low too heavy I can’t shake it off, my friends got a .. or they get lost
I’ve carried the .. is it my fault my mum’s in .. everything lost
And I was told not to .. for a ..hoping not ever catch like ..
upon it ..tryin lead the dope alone .. ‘cause I can’t make no one to call
‘cause I I can’t make .. I got no one to call
I don’t got ..
Just vent .. there



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