Drake Ft. Diggy Simmons - Night Lyrics

Drake Ft. Diggy Simmons - Night - Drizzy Is Back Mixtape 2011.

Night Lyrics is performed by Drake Ft. Diggy Simmons

[Verse 1 - Diggy Simmons]
Girls over there and they talking about
Their FUN, let's get in: Range Rover's
What I'm trying to "F" you in
Talk is cheap, lies is sin
Let Just Do It: Nike shit
Fairy tale, little red, ride me like
I'm in the hood. Rollin on that tree, we good
Can you roll it? I wish you would..
Have these niggas run their mouth like engines, so
They wish they could. Need to get your mind right
Pussy run your intuitions, bitches only here
To fill the gaps, then them chicks is missing
Them chicks is different - then them chicks be kissing!
Other chicks on the lips - man, that shit's exquisite
My place is official, we party all the time
And you should come through with your friend and sip
Bacardi Lime. We don't fuck with them girls who
Think they're hard to find. They want
Attention all the time, but we hardly find
I'm laid back: that's a hard recline
Your girl cheating, and she's about to go down..

It's about to come down..

I got the kush rolled up, Henny in the cup
And that's all I need tonight
Do this shit every night
And we gonna do this shit every night
And we don't give a fuck about haters..



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