Memphis Bleek - Ima Boss Freestyle Lyrics

The mall feel like a toy store, I know just how a king feel

Ima Boss Freestyle Lyrics is performing by Memphis Bleek

Niggers say they want the rap back
Me I got my top tap,
Posted in your hood, niggers better know that I’m …
Me I’m on my lonesome, but I’m all her flow some
Kush ...behind me, only designer we smoking
Now I’m in that big wheel, remind me on my big wheel
The mall feel like a toy store, I know just how a king feel
Yeah I’m on that grown shit, couple different home shit
Yeah I watch hove now I’m trying to build my own shit
See me in the club popping bottles of that gold shit
Shooters on my tail come to hit with these explosives
Niggers say they looking for me see me never say shit
Do your homework homie bet you find out that we spray shit
Besides that, see them things I had out with me last night
Off of that rose I had them higher than the …place
Shawty ass nice and she got a face to match that
Come around every corner so I call her ass that
…pass that, diss me, I laugh that
See you in the street, bet you be the one I clap at
On that bed … do it guy shit
Pumping life after, I’m on that br shit
Nigger what’s beef, beef is where my enemies grow 20 deep
And I let the … in the middle of the street
You see them get low niggers then you niggers best retreat
Cause when them shots blow we leave a nigger 6 feet
So don’t ever confuse us with the stars no
We be in them cars, big guns, read the …
Mafia … marcy go hard joe
Warrup to my Brooklyn squad
Warrup, my Brooklyn niggers, New York niggers
All around the world you already know what it is
Get low … highlight them.



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