Album Cover: Kelly Rowland - Here I Am w/ Track List

This is for the artwork the new album 'Here I Am' by Kelly Rowland. Drop July 26th

And here's the track list:
  1. "Commander" featuring David Guetta (David Guetta, Sandy Wilhelm, Richard Butler, Jr.) (prodotta da David Guetta)
  2. "Each Other" (Richard Butler, Karriem Mack, Shaun Owens, Kelly Rowland) (prodotta da Jim Jonsin & Rico Love)
  3. "Forever and a Day" (Kelly Rowland, Sam Watters, Jonas Jerberg, Andre Merrit) (prodotta da Jonas Jerberg, co-prodotta da David Guetta)
  4. "Forever Is Just a Minute Away"(Livvi Franc, Kelly Rowland, Toby Gad) (prodotta da Toby Gad)
  5. "Geranimo" (Joseph Bereal, Chris Brown, Kevin Mcall, Kelly Rowland)
  6. "Grown Woman" (Magnus Beite, Bernt Stray, Shaffer Smith, Tor Hermansen, Mikkel Erikssen) (prodotta da StarGate)
  7. "Haters" (Shaffer Smith, Charles Harmon) (prodotta da Chuck Harmony)
  8. "Heaven and Earth" (Shaffer Smith) (prodotta da StarGate)
  9. "I'm That Chick" (Ester Dean, Christopher Stewart) (Tricky Stewart)
  10. "King of Kings" (David Guetta, Miriam & Olivia Nervo) (David Guetta, Sandy Vee)
  11. "Lay It On Me" featuring Big Sean (produced by Hit-Boy)
  12. "Love Is the Greatest" (Richard Butler, Jr.; Salaam Remi) (Salaam Remi)
  13. "Make Believe" (prodotta da Soundz)
  14. "Motivation" featuring Lil Wayne (Richard Butler; Jim Jonsin; Dwayne Carter; Daniel Morris) (Jim Jonsin)
  15. "On and On" (Brian Kennedy, Andre Merritt, Kelly Rowland, Robert Allen) (Brian Kennedy)
  16. "Rose Colored Glasses" (Ester Dean, Lukasz Gottwald) (prodotta da Dr. Luke)
  17. "Take Everything" featuring Pitbull (Richard Butler, Armando Perez, James Scheffer, Daniel Morris) (Jim Jonsin)



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