Jean Grae - Assassins Lyrics (Ft. Pharoahe Monch & Royce Da 5'9")

I'll flip the script and I'll accidentally kill you on purpose
The baddest when I'm flailing, I got so many furs

Assassins Lyrics is performing by Jean Grae Ft. Pharoahe Monch & Royce Da 5'9"

In 2013, the World Government placed sanctions against freethinking individuals in order to force people to adhere to one way of life. An independently funded organization called ("Stop fucking downloading music for free and we can save hip hop!" in reverse) hired 100 assassins to infiltrate the headquarters where files were kept

Of these 100, 97 were captured, tortured, and executed

Only three remained

The third of which was said to own an arsenal that would rival an entire city's police force

The second was rumored was to be able to move throughout space and time

And the first...

Fasten your seat belts for the last of the three assassins on earth
The first flashing her purse where the heat's stashed
They call me Jean McCoy, beast in thee employ
Deploy deplorable, through audible destructive actions, attractive decoy
Then pass it to Troy, after I'm passing your life over
He'll deliver it through river Styx, Hades
I'm cold, deliberate, ladies, my foes limited
Pray me some praise (whisper it)
Stay on your toes, villains, it's Grae and your day's whittling
Blistering lines packed in sick, stick to spine
Wracked with a sick mind, trapped in thick bitch frame
Drug you with strychnine, in nine drinks you drunk
And it's my kidney, you dickbrain -- I'm just itching to slit veins
Stitch lines, Rick James, fuck yo lives, sip brains, bitches
Niggas, kick rocks, or kick rhymes, it's to the pain
Liquor riddled liver, sieve in it, sipping it like Capri Sun
Ignint as ever, she's clever, equivalent be none
A ball breaker, call fakers out with passion
You got the gall, bastard, to brawl with the broad brashest?
The ball's in your court, pass it
But warning, fall faster than asses with age slack on the back of a Kardashian
The walls crash in, you all on the floor gasping
The gas pour in the corridor, racking your jaws, blacking out
Catch Grae backing out the back door, cackling
Still make it back to the bar for last call

They ask me why I'm highly regarded, this god body probably
Monch is a mixture of Marcus Garvey, Miles Davis, and Bob Marley (radical)
Never skateboard slang like "gnarly"
More like, weed in my whip on the way to get top like Charles Barkley
You are hardly prepared to spar with a marksman -- spark me
I'm Gambit with the ace of spades, I'm mastering archery
Vehicular, particularly the vernacular
Specifically the fit so when I spit it it's spectacular and accurate
When I attack I'm more legend than Acura
Flip Bloomberg the bird, bitch, more blood than Blacula
More Crip than cryptic scriptures encrypted with backwards vernacular
Plus sicker than most of Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction
I am that nigga for real
Per capita smacking the next rapper that uses the term "swag" or thereafter
These three assassins get to ass whipping
Prepare to for a professional ass that can shape shift, spit, hollow tip clips mainly
Sick, ain't he? (mind control)
Make you shoot your best friend in the face, Dick Cheney
My life is like a documentary film
Depicted in black and white, flick's grainy (Geronimo!)
I'm on Guantanamo Bay taking pics in a Captain Morgan pose
With my left foot on a pile of detainees screaming, "We are renegades!"
Fuck you. Pay me

(Jean Grae) Two. Where the Where the fuck is three?
(Pharoahe Monch) I know. I know. He's gonna be here
He gave me his word, trust me
(Jean Grae) Yeah, but he does this every time
(Pharoahe Monch) He's gonna be here trust me
(Jean Grae) He's gonna ruin this mission for us again
(Pharoahe Monch) Look, here he comes now

I be riding round with a stripper-slash-burlesque model
I make it pop like my cock in a Durex condom
I'm a opposite artist I find irony in going
From being like a stone in the grass to rocking the Garden
The same irony as going from fully automatic in the backyard to having the whole machine behind me
I take my Australian bitches and show her some other thangs
She know my stroke is deadly so she gave me bloody brain
Don't try to get familiar, if I don't feel you in person
I'll flip the script and I'll accidentally kill you on purpose
The baddest when I'm flailing, I got so many furs
PETA gonna paint splash me when they see me, no matter what I'm wearing
Your bitch about to open up, sniff some blow off of my dick
Guess you could say she on my coconuts
I'm on point like Chris Paul
You on point like an Atlantic City hooker that licks balls
I'm about to flip in this bitch like Dominique Dawes
And shut shit down like a car when it stalls
I am the deadliest rapper, you claiming that you flow like water
But really y'all niggas Evian backwards
Marshall hit the jackpot with this flow that I got
I know when I'm hot
It's my show to stop holding my crotch
My whip cleaner than Amish men in honest ends
Two dimes with me like I'm a twin cause I'm a ten

Okay... I'm in



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